Technology-driven business.

    Innovation is the key to our success. We were willing to be creative, think about the possibilities and define a market that was not being well served. That we hope will put us on the map.

    AWE Trade was founded in 1996 as a small trading company. In 2012, the company expanded in the field of Information and Communication Technology. At present time, the company's main focus is on innovative Cloud Computing services.

    Our product

    Prima Day - a management information system that gives the business managers the right information to make right decisions.


    BPM/Workflow - automate core processes to eliminate bottlenecks, cut out redundancies, and achieve operational efficiency.
    Business Intelligence - reporting, analytics, data mining, event processing, performance management, benchmarking.

    AWE Trade LLC, a Delaware, U.S.A. company founded on April 1st, 2013